For us the efficiency is measured in your smooth workflow and our response time to any IT issue that you might ever experience!


Eventually, absolutely any type of business needs to have something one to the business. We push to have the downtime to a minimum for the business or individual we are working with. We provide industry-standard and out of the box solutions to the problems at hand. While downtime is inevitable, we will work within your schedule to help mitigate it.

Provide Due Diligence

With our remote office support and IT support services, your business will be fully insured for any kind of malfunctioning. Any IT or hardware related issue that your office workers may face, will be easily resolved by our seasoned support engineers! We will work with your business to find the right solution to the problem at hand.

Works with all technology

Each business has it’s own set of hardware and software. We’ve got your business covered, whatever it may be integrating new technology or new software packages. We will work to streamline the transitions in technologies!

Improve Your Workflow!

We’ve got few important principles, which we stand by in all our operations… We optimize business processes and make those easier. We don’t stop just because the rest of the world says the day is done. We embrace all the latest technologies, so we can offer as wide a range of professional IT solutions, as only technically possible these days…

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Shelby Wexler
Shelby Wexler
IT Engineer
Shelby has been involved with the business for the past 10 years. He's managed the IT department and oversees all projects. He's been involved with the IT field since his high school career. He's driven and passionate about his work to the point that he's the source for several of

As we were moving a to a new office, we needed to set up all our devices and operational IT systems, for more than 500 workplaces… These guys managed to accomplish it all in under 3 days!

Benedict Arnold

We have a medium sized hedge fund company, which faced the problem of the data being stored locally and separately… The virtualization solutions that the Itideas company offered us worked like an optimization charm!

Deborah Quagmire